Giraffes in South Africa

I’ve been seeing more and more links/posts about “April the Giraffe” and the possibility that she’ll be having her baby in the coming hours so it inspired me to go back and take a look […]


Quick Trip to Calgary this Week

On the road all week for work over the next five days and will be making a quick overnight stop in Calgary. Unfortunately, I won’t have the chance to head up to Banff for an […]


Eyes of a Lion (South Africa)

I was going through a few pictures earlier and came across some from Africa when we found the lions relaxing in the shade under the trees. There were a couple of baby lions around, females […]


Views in Banff National Park

Banff National Park is one of my favorite places in the world and I love going there for hiking, photography and clearing my head. Being in Chicago I’m too far away to get these views […]


Sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California)

Last night I posted a sunset so thought today I’d post an old sunrise from my time in San Francisco. I was only here for a few days but got lucky with the weather (it […]


Sunset in Yoho National Park (Alberta, Canada)

Yoho National Park is just outside of the better known Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada but the scenery is just as spectacular though you may need to hike a little more to get to […]


Neuschwanstein Castle – Black Forest, Germany

Straight out of a fairy tale is a castle in the Black Forest of Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe and served as the inspiration for Walt Disney’s […]


Sunset from the South Rim (Grand Canyon National Park)

I was flying out to LA last week and on the way out there I was gazing out the window when I caught a glimpse of the Grand Canyon out in the distance. It’s been […]


Sunset on El Matador Beach – Los Angeles, California

Last week I was able to spend an evening on the beaches in Los Angeles taking a few pictures of the sunset at El Matador beach. I’ve been learning some new editing/blending techniques in anticipation […]


December in New Orleans

My wife and I headed down to New Orleans near the end of 2016 for a little rest and relaxation. My wife grew up in Louisiana so going down there is like heading home for […]