Train Tracks in Banff

One of the first things I picked up when learning photography is to NEVER shoot railroad tracks because they’ve been done to death and just aren’t original…it was actually one of Scott Kelby’s five rules for what NOT to shoot (including cats, flowers and two others that I can’t quite recall now)…. However, when in Banff I just couldn’t resist. I was driving along the Bow Valley Parkway and noticed the tracks were running alongside of the road. Mountains were at both ends of the tracks and I just felt like something had to be there.

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) has been around since the late 1800s. They own around 14,000 miles of track running the length of Canada from Vancouver to Montreal. Alot of history on these tracks.

I went over to the tracks and shot a number of shots, angles, etc… I liked this angle because the first fraction of the frame is out of focus and the low angle leads your eye right back and into the mountains in the distance. Unfortunately, shooting mid-day isn’t ideal but you have to make the best of each situation.

Photo of the Day – Tracks in Banff

Canadian Pacific Railway Tracks - Banff National Park